What is Cambridge weight plan?
And who am I?

Hi, I’m Graham, thank for you your enquiry. This is a brief overview of the Cambridge Weight Plan, but I am more than happy to have a chat with you. There is so much to say!

I started my weight loss journey for various health reasons that I was suffering from and those of my family. I had tried most other diets that just didn’t work. Ive lost 6 stone in 6 months and feel so much better in myself. I’m able to move and bend more, I’m sleeping better and most importantly not only has my physical health improved, but so has my mental health, with me being less anxious in social situations and have a much brighter attitude.
I decided to become a consultant after seeing the positive changes in me, knowing that I can help others achieve the same.
You will receive one to one support from me when you need! Motivational tools and challenges that are customised to your needs and personal targets. Together we will get you to where you want to be!
And remember nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”! — Audrey Hepburn

You receive one-to-one support every week. Your consultation is valuable time where we discuss your forthcoming week, how you are feeling, share tips. Outside of your consultation you still receive one-to-one support by telephone or text with me when or if you need this. You are invited to join my exclusive closed what’s app group plus a closed Facebook page just for my slimmer giving you a greater supportive and nurturing environment. CWP also have social media forums to spread the support even wider.
I always suggest your consultation takes place in my consulting room based in Northfleet. It is a private but relaxed room where this really is your time. We discuss how to make small but lifelong changes to give you the ability to manage your own weight long term. This includes looking at the emotions attached to your eating habits.

Other exclusive benefits with me as your Independent Weight Loss Consultant include creating an honesty card, access to my panic button plus a journey planner which is tailored to what your own weight loss goals are as well as many other important pieces of information and helpful recipes, hints and tips.

Appointments are available early morning (on your way to work), through the day including lunchtime and late evenings too. It really can fit in with your own life. Don’t worry you don’t have to have the same appointment time each week either! I make this whole journey as flexible as I can.

My personal goal is for you to keep your weight off and manage this long term with support from myself when needed.

What is Cambridge Weight Plan?
Did you know Cambridge Weight Plan started in 1970s by Dr Howard and Dr Ian McLean-Baird, of the West Middlesex Hospital, to develop what they regarded as the “perfect diet”.
It became available in obesity clinics in London and Cambridge and long-term safety was assessed and confirmed by further independent research in the UK, the USA and Europe. This led to the first commercial version of Cambridge Weight Plan and as the saying goes the rest is history!

It is a personalised weight-loss plan that suits your lifestyle. I offer you a range of 6 nutritionally balanced programmes with each step incorporating at least one of our low-calorie products. The flexibility is fantastic as the steps can include removing daily foods for those who wish to takes out food completely, right through to having everyday foods with easy recipes. The Steps plan includes the four stages of each weight loss programme; preparation, weight loss, stabilisation and long-term weight management. These are absolutely crucial to provide you with effective weight loss but as importantly the ability to maintain you new weight.
I cannot stress enough this is all about you. Your lifestyle will drive the right step for you. Important questions are asked before you can commence the plan regarding your health and medications.
The plan is also unique in placing you on the right step for your own health circumstances.

With the meal replacement products and the personal support allows you will be taken through all fours stages which makes this plan so successful. In fact the recent DROPLET research has proved that more weight is lost on the Cambridge Weight Plan. It also proved that after 18 months CWP slimmer’s had lost more than one and half stone compared to than other diets.
When I think back to my own weight loss journey on the plan, it was like I was resetting my body and mind.

What are the costs?

The good news is nearly all slimmer’s say the plan costs no more (and sometimes less) than your current eating habits. Write down everything you eat and drink for one week – I mean literally everything and put a price against this. It is amazing as this really shows you your true eating habits and a comparable cost. Until I wrote it all down I never realised I was buying 3 lattes some days and cake far more frequently than I realised.
But of course the true cost is not just measured in pound notes but in the value of your support provided in hand with the products. Remember to losing weight will reduce health risks and that is priceless. Your meal replacement products start from just £2.60.

As part of the Direct Selling Association you have 14 days to return goods providing they are in a resalable condition and you will be issued a refund.
There is no tie in or membership fees.
Once you have reached your target you are still offered a FREE monthly weigh in and a FREE monthly 15 minutes consultation or telephone call. By doing this you are still managing your weight and living your life with the opportunity to control any weight gain immediately. These appointments are especially popular post holiday and Christmas!

I hope this has helped giving you the right depth of details to let you make the right choice. To arrange your free no obligation consultation, call or email me

Graham Broadbent – Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

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Telephone Number – 07852988783
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