Alternative Self Care

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Marie’s Emporium is in the heart of Gravesend and has a little bit of everything, including a fantastic selection of Alternative Self-Care products. No matter what you’re looking for, we have something for you.

We have a varying range of products, including but not limited to:

Chakra singing bowls. We have a collection of chakra bowls that come with a specialised stick that when used in the bowl can create beautiful harmonies, bringing joy to those who hear them. Each bowl has a slightly different sound, relating to specific chakras.

Crystal ball. Dating back to the Middle Ages, crystal balls have been used by those telling fortunes and are the main tool of the practice of divination. It is possible that crystal balls became the tools that they are because of their unique characteristics of transparency and symmetry.

Smudging sticks. Usually used to cleanse the aura before meditation or prayer, smudging sticks are great for lifting one’s mood and destressing after a long day. We have a couple of different varieties of smudging sticks, specifically: large sage sticks, small sage sticks, sage torches, and yerba santa sticks. Traditionally the practice of smudging is done by burning the stick in a seashell or glass bowl and then fanning the smoke with a fan or a feather.

Bring our Alternative Self-Care collection from the heart of Gravesend to the heart of your home.

Any products made in the house come with labels printed on recycled paper using a carbon capture scheme by Eco Web Print.

Don’t forget to order by 2 pm for same-day dispatch, Tuesday to Saturday.

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