Marie’s Emporium is in the heart of Gravesend and has a little bit of everything, including a fantastic selection of homeware items and decorations. No matter what you’re looking for, we have something for you.

We have a varying range of products, including but not limited to:

Beautifully moulded glassware. Our glassware collection includes drinkware for a lovely night in, as well as vases that can serve as a home for your choice of flower to spruce up your décor. We also have some rather unique molten glass structures, melted in such a way to fit perfectly onto the wooden platforms they are placed upon. These decorations provide a lovely natural feel to any environment.

Wonderfully warm salt lamps. Our salt lamps are carved from Himalayan crystal salt and are said to replace negatively charged ions in the air, aiding us in avoiding physical and mental harm from ‘electrical smog’. Even if you aren’t one to believe in such things, the appearance of these salt lamps is truly something, with multiple being carved into animal statues or heart shapes, salt lamps can make your house feel like a home.

Other products in our homeware range include wall decorations, signs, plaques, clocks, Fine China crockery, dream catchers, wooden and metal ornaments, photo frames, candle holders, wooden numbers and letters, and scarfs, hand fans and more!

Whether it’s just a single wall decoration, a lovely heart-shaped salt lamp, or a few carved animal ornaments, our homeware selection can add atmosphere to any environment and bring to life a dull wall, room, or area.

Bring our homeware collection from the heart of Gravesend to the heart of your home.

Any products made in the house come with labels printed on recycled paper using a carbon capture scheme by Eco Web Print.

Don’t forget to order by 2 pm for same-day dispatch, Tuesday to Saturday.

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