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Marie’s Emporium is in the heart of Gravesend and has a little bit of everything, including a small, but fun collection of retro toys. No matter what you’re looking for, we have something for you.

We have a varying range of products, including but not limited to:

A couple of different card games. Children’s snap cards are a set of cards with colourful pictures on them, perfect for the game of snap. But if that’s not quite the game you want to play, we also have packs of traditional playing cards. These playing cards have a linen finish, resulting in cards that are comfortable to hold, and of course, being traditional cards, the number of different games you can play is astronomical.

Classic board games. Have a fun family game night with the classic game Snakes & Ladders or strategize in a one vs. one match with our retro-style chess board and set.

Other retro-style game kits. Desktop Skittles, for when you want to play bowling on the small scale; Dominoes, one of the most ancient games known to man; Knitting Doll, a vintage doll that can be used as an introduction to knitting; Noughts & Crosses, the classic school playground game of strategy; and Pick Up Sticks, a low-tech game of practising hand-eye coordination.

Our other toys include Rainbow Slinkys, Gliders, Retro Wooden Puppets, and Wooden Yoyos.

Bring our vintage toy collection from the heart of Gravesend to the heart of your home.

Any products made in the house come with labels printed on recycled paper using a carbon capture scheme by Eco Web Print.

Don’t forget to order by 2 pm for same-day dispatch, Tuesday to Saturday.

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