Beard & Pamper Gift Hamper


A great hamper for anyone with a beard on their face.

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This amazing hamper set comes with:

Beard Brush
Brushing one’s beard with a beard brush will ensure your customer’s facial hair stays in shape and maintained in a truly great condition. When used regularly the naturally stiff bristles will stimulate the follicles that encourage hair growth and help keep your beard healthy & clean.

Your Beard natural brush is handcrafted from the highest quality Bamboo, Bristle, boar hair and Pearwood. The brush is perfectly smooth, without any seems or burs which means it will not pull or snag your beard. It is also stronger, durable and will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Its size makes it ideal for pockets, office, desk or car making your daily routine much easier.

Bath Bomb
Each ball weighs in at a massive 180+ grams and contains Shea Butter to make them smoother on your skin. The scent/colour may vary from the one shown.

Soap and Soap Bag
Our Soaps are pure and simple, a delight to smell and use. Great quality and made with real essential oils so quality is assured. Our Soap Bags are all-natural and undyed. The style of bag and soap may vary from the one shown.

Shampoo Bar
Our Solid Shampoo is made from high-quality argan base vegetable oils it creates a wonderfully dense creamy lather, which is naturally conditioning to the hair. They are also environmentally friendly as you are not wasting bottles and packaging and paying for water to be shipped around the country. The colour and scent may vary from the one shown.

Beard Oil
The conditioning properties of a good beard oil are indispensable. Beard oil will not only help to grow a better one, but make it more comfortable, healthy and sweet-smelling in the process. The scent may vary from the one shown.

Massage Oil
Massage is such a wonderful way to relax and unwind, you can choose from our blended selection below. These massage oils are expertly blended and bottled in beautiful 100ml amber glass bottles. Scent may vary.

Foot Scrub
This Lovely chunky scrubby bar is sure to keep your feet smelling fresh and looking great too! Lashings of scent will help you wake up in the morning and get ready to go. Scent and colour may vary.


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