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Bergamot is said to lower your cholesterol and increase your mood, reducing or preventing anxiety and stress. Additionally, Bergamot has inflammation properties that may relieve you of your headache and benefit those who suffer from insomnia.

Long Name: Bergamot (furocoumarin free) FCF Essential Oil
Keyword: Uplifting
Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia
Uses: It can deal with skin conditions such as acne, eczema and cold sores. It makes you feel relaxed, happy and uplifted
Bergamot Essential Oil DrawingOrigin: Italy
Description: The Bergamot tree is a native of Southern Italy and produces fruits. The oil is expressed from
these fruits
Consistency: The oil has a watery viscosity
Aromatic Scent: A lemony, fresh smell with balsamic undertones
Note: Middle to top

Suggested Usage:
It is best to dilute essential oil in a carrier oil (i.e. Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, even supermarket Olive Oil) if you intend to prepare a massage oil. Don’t use essential oils neat onto your skin. Start with 1% essential oil to 99% carrier and increase essential oil until you have desired aroma strength.
Alternatively, use only 4 drops of each oil on a tissue, in the bath or dripped onto a radiator or sink. The oils will evaporate naturally and so you can also remove the cap and place on a high shelf (away from children and pets), to diffuse fragrance into a room.

Use by:
We suggest using your oil within 12 months of purchase. Some will last longer and some scents mature with age.

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For external use only, avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on children, or when pregnant or while using medication.
An essential oil should not be used instead of seeing a doctor for medical advice. Never self prescribe and if in doubt please ask your doctor. Do not use on sensitive skin and always do a small test of the oil before use. If an allergic reaction occurs, wash off the oil with soap and water and then seek medical attention.
You might smell the oil before you open the package but this is common with strong oils that have come from an essential oil supplier.


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