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A blend of bold, rich Assam and robust Kenyan black teas for a strong, hearty brew. The ideal brew to kick start your day.

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A blend of bold, rich Assam and robust Kenyan black teas for a strong, hearty brew. The ideal brew to kick start your day.

Why loose-leaf tea and why our tea?

Our loose -leaf tea is not adulterated in any way – at no point in the manufacturing process is anything added. The tea that you drink is quite simply just dried leaves/ingredients and therefore totally natural. We also take the sourcing of our tea ingredients very seriously and use quality ingredients as we as making sure we are ethical. Meaning we pay fair prices, and that resources go back into the communities that are farming the tea.

But what about the tea itself. Here are 6 reasons why to choose loose leaf tea.

1. Loose leaf tea is of higher quality
Most bagged teas available from the supermarket are mass produced and made using dust ad fannings – the tiny bits of tea left over from the production of loose leaf tea.

2. Loose leaf tea is fresher
Mass-produced tea bags are generally filled with tea leaves from different locations, and has usually travelled great distances before it reached supermarket shelves, making it less fresh.

3. Loose leaf tea tastes better
Mass-produced bagged tea has been blended for standardization and as such, you won’t experience the difference in taste and aroma between types of leaves and locations. For a more refined tea experience, or if you’re looking for something that just tastes better, fresher and more wholesome, brew loose leaf tea.
“Tea bags have a consistent but one-dimensional taste (bold and astringent) and limited flavour expression,” says Suk-Yi. “Due to the undiscerning power of machine harvesting, bagged teas may include stems and seeds that can make the tea bitter.”

4. Loose leaf tea is more diverse
There is more to tea than black tea or green tea. Types of tea such as oolong, white tea, yellow tea, and fermented tea are diverse, and each is a reflection of its cultivars, climate, geography and production.

5. Loose leaf tea is better for the environment
Most tea bags are not compostable, and of those that are, very few people make the effort to compost them. Loose leaf tea reduce the amount of packaging you’re using and can be directly thrown onto the compost heap. We have a few bagged teas. But the bags are made from corn starch. Again, perfect for you compost heap

6. Loose leaf tea is good for your health
Tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can contribute to your overall wellness. The primary chemicals responsible for the health claims of green tea, called catechins, are found in the highest concentrations in fresh leaves.
“Once exposed to the ambient environment, catechins degrade rapidly. The highly processed nature of ‘dust and fannings’ in tea bags degrade faster due to the higher surface area for exposure. It’s best to drink green tea as fresh as possible, as loose leaf tea, to enjoy the potential health benefits of these phytochemicals.”

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Country of Origin: Various
Ingredients: Indian Assam Black Tea, Kenyan Black Tea
Dry Leaf Appearance: Dark and medium brown granulated leaves
Liquor Appearance: Medium brown
Odour: Rich and malty
Flavour Profile: Rich,full bodied and malty
Preparation: Boil freshly drawn water, infuse for three minutes and drink with or without milk
Storage: Cool, dry and dark place


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