Corn Flowers (100g)


Corn Flowers (100g)

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Product description

This tea is a delightful and colourful cluster of dried blue or red cornflower buds that adds a splash of colour to your day. Drink it as is or sprinkle some buds over your regular white or herbal tea blend for an even more enticing beverage. Douse them in hot water and watch the blue and pink hues radiate and breathe new life into your day.


This delicate and bewitching tea is a light herbal infusion that can soothe and calm you down. The mellow flavour of this light-bodied herbal tea is rustic, cheerful, and warming.

Caffeine-free and entirely natural, this lovely floral tisane with pink and blue hues tastes grassy and sweet. Sip it and enjoy the lingering feeling of being home as the taste is enhanced with a hint of berries and a trace of pears.

Neutral in colour, flavour, and fragrance, it’s a drink everyone can enjoy. So, feel free to serve it at family gatherings to bring on those happy memories.

Who is this tea for?

This tea is for the restless mind seeking comfort and quiet in a floral brew.

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