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From Brazil, Colombia and India

A medium roast arabica (85%) &  robusta (15%) coffee beans with taste notes of Chocolate, Brown Sugar & Biscuit

250g coffee beans

Why Buy Coffee Beans

Superior Freshness – Did you know that coffee will start to deteriorate within 20 minutes of being ground? Coffee beans stay fresh for longer periods of time than their ground counterparts. The coffee bean—when sealed—prevents oxygen from reaching its content. This prolongs the beans’ life—making them stay fresh for long. So, if freshness for longer periods of time is what you are looking for in coffee, go for coffee beans.

More Flavour – The flavour is something every coffee lover craves for. It makes you feel that you are taking real coffee. And that is what coffee beans deliver. Unlike their ground counterparts which lose flavour on the way, coffee beans come with the whole flavour—making them a popular option among coffee lovers.

The Bottom-Line – Coffee beans are increasingly becoming popular in homes—especially for those who are health conscious. Drinking coffee on a regular basis comes with numerous benefits. From reducing prostate cancer, preventing Parkinson’s disease, to letting you live longer—coffee from coffee beans can hugely benefit your body. So, if these are the things you are looking for in coffee, start with coffee beans. Take a few cups each day and realize these benefits


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