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Our amazing hot chocolate subscription is here!

Sign up today and get 1, 2 or 3 bags in the post every month! If you order 2 or more you get a discount.

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Before cocoa powder was invented, all hot chocolates were made with real, indulgent chocolate. But then… along came cocoa powder, which was cheap to manufacture but poor in flavour. Going back to basics, our hot chocolates all use real, Belgian chocolate to give them a truly irresistible flavour, just waiting to be melted. Because of this, our drinks are much more creamy and decadent than anything you are used to. We have a diverse range of flavours which we are constantly expanding. Each pack of our Premium Hot Chocolate Shavings contains 250g (roughly 8 portions) and has been finely grated so melts easily perfect for our hot chocolate subscription.

Don’t want a whole bag or looking for a smaller gift? To added to a hamper? What could be more indulgent than 40g of finest Belgian Milk Chocolate? Take a look at our hot chocolate stirrers. Simply dunk the block into hot milk and watch as the chocolate melts away. These gorgeous stirrers have proven very popular. The range comes in five flavours: MilkMarshmallow, FudgeWhite & Dark.

We don’t just make hot chocolates. Our range of chocolate bars has grown to become quite a collection and ranges from white and milk all the way up to a 96% dark. With a variety of flavours, such as mint, salted caramel, Orange, berry and so many more. Each bar is hand decorated. They come in various cocoa percentages starting out at a creamy 28% and go all the way up to a powerful 96% dark chocolate. The chocolate bar’s plastic wrapper and label are also biodegradable.


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